Anger Cell


Wesleyer (GTR)

Legendary old school grand old man. Previously raising mayhem in Pain Confessor and countless other projects. Currently active with A.R.G.

Anger Cell is the natural next step to complete the circle. Influences can be heard within the music he writes, what he has been doing for almost 25 years.

Maija (VOC)


Jani (GTR)

After 15 years of guitar playing and shredding riffs in bands called Carcase Inc. and Thaurorod, he joins Anger Cell as a solo guitarist. Getting his influences from early days death metal to nowadays Opeth.

Samppa (BASS)

Previous musical activities include late hard rock act StoneSoul and playing heavy covers for several years.

Jontte (DRUMS)

Has been playing drums since early 90's. Previously active in Dienecia, Kansan Temppeli etc etc. Musical influences from early thrash metal scene from the 80's.